Thursday, 10 December 2015

Luxury Fashion // Disney Collaborations

There's something magical about a luxury fashion/ Disney collaboration. In a sense, it's a nod to the fond memories of childhood; making them wearable in a way that is 'grown up' and expressive. It's satisfying a sense of nostalgia, as well as conveying personal style. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs // Alice in Wonderland 

"I Am Not Like Other Girls", the final Marc by Marc Jacobs collaboration, features whimsical but playful pieces that are centred around the ultimate childhood It Girl; Alice, and her adventures in Wonderland. 

Givenchy "Bambi and Female Form"

In 2013, Riccardo Tisci, who is arguably a huge contributor for fashion's fixation with the sweatshirt, introduced the unisex "Bambi and Female Form" design, which appealed to fashion fans across genders and genres, and became a fashion frenzy. 

Hermès & Cinderella // Valentino & Snow White 

In 2014, Hermès' iconic Birkin bag was made-over by artists Shelby & Sandy using an image from Disney's Cinderella, whilst Disney's Snow White was the inspiration for REDValentino's Ready to Wear Fall 2014 collection. 

What will be next?