Thursday, 12 February 2015

How's your shoe game?

In my opinion, shoes can make or break an outfit. It's all very well buying a beautiful dress or putting together a look, but if the shoes don't work, the whole ensemble crumbles.

There are so many types of shoes these days, that the rules for what should be worn with what have become outdated, and people are a lot more experimental with what they put on their feet.

However, there are some factors to consider when choosing the shoes for an outfit, so that you aren't left treading in dodgy territory...


Firstly, what are the shoes are being used for in the look?
- are they the focus?
- do you want them to make a statement?
- do you want them to add a pop of colour?
- are they to colour block?
- are they to enhance/mirror the other pieces in the look?

Shoe Focus
For the shoes to be the focus of an outfit, it is better to ensure that the rest of the outfit elements aren't overly garish so that the look as a whole isn't too much. An outfit without much texture, layering, or pattern, with a pair of intricate, bright, or patterned shoes works a treat, but other accessories must be co-ordinated, to avoid looking like a hot mess.

Sergio Rossi Tawaraya Single Tier Fringe T-Strap Standal
Statement Shoes
Statement shoes work on the same principle, however they can be used in other ways. For example, mixing a pair of ripped, boyfriend jeans and some patent courts makes a fashion statement about juxtaposing two looks or two personalities, creating an interesting contrast in characters and an eye-catching outfit.

      Gianvito Ross                                     Rag & Bone 

Colour Pop
I have a tendency to want to wear all black, (especially in winter), and so I often opt for a pair of bright shoes to add a pop of colour to an outfit and to avoid looking like I am en route to a funeral. A LBD with a pair of vivid shoes, adds an eye-catching accent to a look, and shows a bit of personality against the neutral colours in an outfit. Additionally, colourful shoes are a great way to wear shades that you love that don't necessarily suit your complexion. 

        Manolo Blahnik BB Patent Pointed-Toe Pump 

Colour Blocking
Colour blocking is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2015, and shoes are an easy way to get involved without going overboard. Whether you pick one recurring highlight colour or a palette of colours to incorporate, this trend is guaranteed to be big this season. 


Mirroring / Enhancing
Colour accents or patterns in clothing or make-up which co-ordinate with shoes creates shortcuts to cohesion. A hint of colour picked up somewhere else in an outfit, even if it's just a matching lipstick, is an easy way to look well put together. Just make sure that there is some distance between matching elements. 

                                                  Michael Kors Aberly Snake Embossed Pumps

Personally, I think that heels too high can look tacky, and heels too low can look make you look fashion clueless, so finding the right height is for your look is important. Also, it is vital to make sure you are comfortable walking in your shoe choice, as a girl can't hope conquer the world if she can't walk in her heels first. x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Paris Haute Couture Week - Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is my favourite event in the fashion calendar. The designs are simply incredible, and the glamour of the whole event is frankly unparalleled. Last year Chanel debuted newly glamourised 'sneakers'. This year it was the turn of the humble beanie; transformed from everyday to high fashion, and ethereal and embellished to match the other accessories. I have no doubt that the Chanel beanie will become a much-copied cult trend.

A secret garden hidden within the Grand Palais was adorned with mechanical origami-esque white flowers and foliage, which came to life as they bloomed and exploded with colour, perfectly setting the scene for the elegant and intricate collection to be showcased. As always, Chanel brand heritage was evident in the couture; the Little Black Dress made an appearance, as did the Chanel Tweed, and even Edwardian picture hats, nodding to the First World War which was such a heavy influence on the brand and Coco Chanel's designs.

You can watch the full show here.

The show begins...

As usual, the show ends with a one-off wedding dress, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.